Electronic Emergencies reconstructed by I-Robots LP

Music Artwork ❘ 12" Vinyl

Early 2020, while the Covid-19 crisis was taking over the world, legendary Italian producer I-Robots was introduced to Electronic Emergencies. Calling it a magical parallel world, I-Robots immediately fell in love with the retro electro and disco noir feel of the label from Rotterdam. It was a nice surprise to discover that the guys of Electronic Emergencies have been fans of I-Robots since the early days.

I-Robots and Electronic Emergencies have found each other in their eclectic taste in electronic music. While their friendship evolved, they started discussing ideas on how to collaborate.

As a first step in this collaboration, I-Robots has curated a digital compilation album Electronic Emergencies selected by I-Robots, containing 14 of his favourite EE tracks of the past five years. These reflect the deep melodic eighties atmosphere of the label and the elaborate and sophisticated taste of I-Robots.

As a second step, I-Robots will remix/re-edit/rework 6 of these tracks. The result, I-Robots does Electronic Emergencies, will be released as a limited edition 12″ on vinyl and digitally on Electronic Emergencies in early 2021.