WdKA – Minor Hacking

Branding ❘ Visual Identity

This identity is a poetic commentary on the lack of a clear definition for ‘Hacking’, which is offered as a minor at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Explanations for hacking include terms such as ‘circumventing systems, recycling protocols, not using in the way intended’… etcetera.

In my opinion these definitions are interchangeable, in which lies their strength. For the text on the posters I fed a manifest on ‘abstract hacking’ into a Markov text generator, which produced an infinite number of new, abstract texts and definitions, without losing the meaning of the text.

I used a couple of simple scripts and programmed the computer to find images to go with this, and to insert these at random. The posters formed the basis of the creation of the website, various social media manifestations and the styling of the exhibition.