NRC Mediahuis – Jaarverslag ’21

Editorial Design ❘ Publication

Design of the journalism and financial annual report 2021 of NRC Mediahuis. In it, the NRC editors look back at the best stories, an explanation of how NRC Media deals with social media and an explanation of fact-finding. The report covers all journalistic expressions produced by NRC Media: the newspaper, the site, podcasts and more. In the journalistic annual report, further attention is paid to the pluralism in our journalism, the multifaceted nature that NRC Media sees as an indispensable ingredient of a resilient, democratic society.

Date of release: March 2022

Editing and coordination: Frank Jaspers, An Steylemans, Maud Dekker. Final editing: Frank Jaspers. Design: Niels Vrijdag, Yannick Mortier Art-direction: Anne-Marije Vendeville

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