HPP Series: Ermi van Oers – Living Light

Editorial Design ❘ Hybrid Publication

Climate change and the increasing scarcity of raw materials have led to an urgent need for finding alternative systems that redefine our relationship with nature. Biodesign is an emergent field that may offer innovative solutions in this regard. Living Energy is an initiative that envisions a world in which plants take part in our energy system. One of its first projects, Living Light, is a lamp that harvests energy through photosynthesis. It is a cross-pollination of nature, science and design. Living Light shows the beautiful and poetic side of ‘living energy’ and forges new connections between humans, nature and technology.

Author: Ermi van Oers
Editor: Renée Turner
Photography: Ermi van Oers, Hans Wolkers (pp.16,18), Roza Schous (p.38), Transnatural / Marleen van Veen (p.27), Menno Boer (p.29)
Coordinator: Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Editing and translation: Johanna Monk
Web design and research: Silvio Lorusso
Print design: Niels Vrijdag